Our Story

Let us spice up your day with our chicken recipes .

Our Beginnings

Chic Chic Chicken is born out of the passion of Lucky Randhawa for food, especially Chicken. Like every brand has a story, has a reason for being, Chic Chic Chicken is a brand that has been created to treat consumers or should we say Chicken lovers with some mouth-watering, delicious Chicken dishes made from Canadian Chicken.

Lucky says,” Being a foodie, especially a chicken lover, I always order chicken dishes wherever I go, and this has made me an expert in Chicken dishes at least in my circle of friends! Often my friends would tell me to open a restaurant, so, when an opportunity came, I said why not open a Chicken based restaurant!”
At Chic Chic Chicken you will also get to enjoy some of the recipes exclusively made by Savita a.k.a Summi, Lucky’s wife. She is an amazing cook and has agreed to share her recipes which were mostly reserved for friends and family with Chic Chic Chicken patrons.

Like a journey, what started as a Chicken lover’s pursuit to share his favorite recipes with the world soon a friend, Kulwinder Bhela joined in who is also a Chicken lover and has always wanted to open a restaurant!

We serve passion

Come and taste our delicious signature recipes.

Expect the best

Dive into the world of fresh and rich flavors.

We sell flavors

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Our Promise

We serve authentic chicken dishes that will leave you spellbound. Dive into the tempting world of fried, roasted, BBQ & grilled chicken with scrumptious sides dishes.

72 Ave, Surrey

+1 (604) 332-2442

Sun – Sat 11.00am to 11.00pm

13647 72 Ave,
Surrey, BC V3W 2P2

Kingsway, Vancouver

+1 (604) 332-2442

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